COVID-19 Vaccine

Update on Pre-Registration in state of Missouri

Pre-registration Options

Dear Patient,

There are many options now where you can pre-register for a Covid-19 vaccine. These pre-registrations are non-committal and you will be contacted to schedule a vaccine when you qualify and enough vaccines become available.

I encourage you to pre-register at as many places as possible, but you will need to schedule your vaccine with only one of these options and your second dose of vaccine must be from the same manufacturer as the first.

Typically, your second dose of the vaccine will be scheduled at the location where you receive your first dose. Click the links below to pre-register at the following:

Missouri Vaccine Navigator: Click Here

BJC: Click Here

Mercy: Click Here

St. Lukes: Click Here

SSM: Click Here

St. Louis County: Click Here

St. Louis City: Click Here

St. Charles County: Click Here

Walmart: Click Here

Sams Club (you do not have to be a member): Click Here

We expect other major pharmacies to start giving out the vaccine soon so I suggest you start checking these sites regularly:

Walgreens: Click Here

CVS: Click Here

The above list are just some of the major vaccine distributors in our region. Some people have been able to sign up for vaccines at other smaller venues such as health departments farther away and soon we expect more local pharmacies to receive the vaccine.

My office has been approved by the State of Missouri to receive the Covid-19 vaccine; however, the state is not currently shipping to doctors offices and we do not know when enough vaccines will become available for them to ship to us. I recommend you do not wait for us to get the vaccine in the office. Instead, please register at the sites above since you will likely be able to get a vaccine faster that way. As always, I will update you when I learn anything new.

Stay safe and well,

Daniel R. Jasper, MD