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Update on Pre-Registration in state of Missouri Pre-registration Options Dear Patient, There are many options now where you can pre-register for a Covid-19 vaccine. These pre-registrations are non-committal and you…

New Year’s Resolutions Are So 2020!

What are your 2021 Anti-Resolutions? Year after year, the pattern rarely varies. Resolutions made, promptly followed by resolutions broken. The odds of sticking to New Year’s resolutions are, in fact,…

Medical Economics features Daniel Jasper, MD

Medical Economics is featuring Dan Jasper, MD in their November 2020 issue. The article focuses on Dr. Jasper’s journey to the concierge medicine model and how his decision to make…

Can We Co-Exist with COVID-19?

An Epidemiologist Separates Fact from Fiction and Offers Hope for the Future Epidemiologists seek to learn why, how and when some people contract diseases when others don’t. Their findings are used…

Let It Go: The Ancient Art of Meditation

Finding Peace Through Mindfulness and Meditation Mindful, compassionate, serene, happy: emotions that have been in short supply during the pandemic but can be beautifully restored to those who embrace the…

Superfoods and Your Immune System

Food for Thought: Nourishing the Immune System As football coaches and nutritionists know, the best… The post Superfoods and Your Immune System appeared first on Specialdocs Consultants.