Medical Economics features Daniel Jasper, MD

Medical Economics is featuring Dan Jasper, MD in their November 2020 issue. The article focuses on Dr. Jasper’s journey to the concierge medicine model and how his decision to make the move to the practice model benefited his patients and his practice.

“When I made the change from a large, busy hospital-based primary care practice to a personalized care concierge model in 2013, the health care landscape was already starting to crumble under the weight of escalating demands. I experienced it every day, recognizing that patients who needed to see me couldn’t or saw a nurse practitioner instead. No matter how smart or efficient I was, it wasn’t possible to provide patients with any more than a cursory evaluation in the fleeting amount of time allocated,” says Dr. Jasper. “The pandemic also illuminated — in ways I never could have imagined back in 2013 — the irreplaceable value of a one-to-one relationship with my patients. What stands out most to me is the universally positive feedback received from sending personal email updates on the situation to every patient in the practice. They’ve shared how difficult it is to decipher what’s relevant and accurate in the constant onslaught of news and are incredibly grateful to receive information and guidance they can trust.”

Click here to read Dr. Jasper’s feature article in Medical Economics’ November 2020 issue