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Spring 2016 Newsletter

The Spring 2016 newsletter includes a continuation of our series on aging with an article on keeping skin in the best condition possible; an article about keeping joints flexible and…

Winter 2016 Newsletter

The Winter 2016 newsletter features articles on calcium, the senses of taste and smell, and healthy eating guidelines depicted with MyPlate. Click here to read the Winter 2016 newsletter.

Fall 2015 Newsletter

The fall 2015 newsletter features articles on the healthy aging brain, plantar fasciitis and healthy holiday eating. Click here to read the fall 2015 newsletter.

Summer 2015 Newsletter

The summer 2015 newsletter features articles on the powerful effects of exercise on the aging brain, dizziness/vertigo and smart eating in the summertime. Click here to read the summer 2015…

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Please enjoy the spring 2015 newsletter featuring information on seasonal allergies, sleep and healthy eating. Click here to read/download the spring 2015 newsletter

Winter 2015 newsletter

Please enjoy the winter 2015 newsletter featuring information on age-related macular degeneration (AMD), Vitamin D and winter’s best vegetables. Click here download / read the winter 2015 newsletter

Spring 2014 newsletter

Please enjoy the spring 2014 newsletter which explores strength, flexibility and balance, integrative medicine and “The Sweet Life: Artificial Sweeteners vs. Sugars Click here to download / read the spring 2014 newsletter